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Aromatherapists and their tools

Often when people think about aromatherapy, images and notions regarding plants, bottles of magical elixirs, and all manner of “smelly” things come to mind.  What most people, who are not in the field of aromatherapy, usually do not consider is the amount of  science, particularly chemistry, math and the necessity of calculation that goes into our work.

Aromatherapy is by definition both an Art and a Science.  So while the “lay person” so to speak might think we spend the day “playing” with things that smell nice, we in the field know that sometimes it is more like “racking” our brains trying to find just the right percentages and components for a blend that our client is in need of for some immediate relief or issue.

And then there are those of us who are formulating, and with product lines, who need to know just what makes a product”compliant” with all the codes based on the country we are in, and the standards that are expected and required.

Well, in stepped Colleen Harte, looking for a solution to her own problems doing the complex mathematical computations for her product line, an organic aromatherapy based cosmetic brand, Lucy Annabella Organics.  Like most start-up businesses, Colleen had to watch her dollars, and she could not afford to have her product formulas fail the pharmaceutical testing she was preparing them for, nor could she afford to retest.  So she convinced a friend to code a basic software program to do the chemistry calculations with accuracy and speed, while also giving her a breakdown of the exact chemistry of each product formulation.

Her products passed the testing process first try, and she decided that she wanted to share this with her fellow aromatherapists and formulators.  Necessity IS the mother of invention, and the rest is history as they say, as this was the beginning of LabAroma!

Here website and blog, for which I have written ( thank you LabAroma! ), is an amazing time saving tool. And if you hate math, you will love this tool.  The website is www.labaroma.com.  There is a lovely video on the landing page where you can get an idea of exactly how this software works, and then see if you think it is useful to you.

This is what I LOVE about my alternative health care community – the desire to share, heal and grow!  There are many people out there doing many wonderful things and I am happy to do my part in the sharing, healing and growing!

I will be sharing more information about other members of my personal community in the future, stay tuned!

with joy and gratitude!



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