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My Review – Tazeka Aromatherapy Product Line

Many years ago, when I was an aromatherapy student, I met some of the most amazing women (and a small handful of men) who were expressing their desire to belong, create and support the aromatherapy community – with particular attention to those of us who held the unequivocal belief that certification is a necessity if you wanted to use essential oils safely, and especially if you wanted to teach, or …Read More

Cerebral circulation of Essential Oils

The olfactory nerve, via scent molecules and their receptors, is our direct connection to information about the “outside” world to the “inside” world in our brain. The olfactory nerve is actually a collection of sensory nerve rootlets that extend down from the olfactory bulb and pass through the many openings of the cribriform plate in the ethmoid bone. These specialized sensory receptive parts of the olfactory nerve are then located …Read More

Olfactory Receptors in New Places

Our sense of smell is one of the oldest of our senses yet the least understood. Two American scientists, Linda B. Buck and Richard Axel, discovered how people can smell and recall about 10,000 different odors in the early 1990’s.  They were awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize.  Their work provides a science based understanding of how people who smell a lilac for example in childhood can recognize the fragrance later in …Read More

Patchouli – why I will always love it.

I will never forget the first time I experienced the aroma of Patchouli.  I was in junior high school, a girl who I thought was “tres cool” walked past me and I was immediately enveloped in a cloud of aroma.  I was smitten, and actually ran after her to ask what she was wearing.  Luckily, for me, she was willingly to share with someone her junior.  Patchouli….. ah, and a love …Read More

Aum Aromas, and how they can assist you

These 19 unique, natural, wild-crafted or organic, and GC/MS tested, essential oil blends are based on, the Studio Anya, NYC, AUM Curriculum and Atmatypes ~ also known as Faculties. Atmatype is a hybrid word combining “Atma” ~ Hindu for soul ~ with “archetypes” ~ Jungian psychology for aspects of the subconscious personality, which are universally understood. Each atmatype possesses main themes that enable us to actualize potential for growth within …Read More

CranioSacral Therapy and Your “Gut Brain”

There must be something to that “gut feeling”,  but what is it? by Gina Flores, CST LMT CAHP Have you ever had “butterflies in your stomach”?  Well, that sensation of “butterflies” arises because the brain sends a message of anxiety to the gut, which sends messages back to the brain that it is unhappy.  As we get nervous or fearful, blood gets diverted from our gut to our muscles and …Read More

Create Aromatherapy Rituals

Rituals help us make the time in our busy daily lives to notice, and honor the sacred.  Using essential oils, and the power of aromatherapy,  you can create simple daily rituals that are meaningful to you, with you as the creator. As a Certified Aromatherapy Health Practitioner, I know the value of aroma and it’s direct relationship to our brain, and nervous system.  Our sense of smell is the only …Read More

Aromatherapists and their tools

Often when people think about aromatherapy, images and notions regarding plants, bottles of magical elixirs, and all manner of “smelly” things come to mind.  What most people, who are not in the field of aromatherapy, usually do not consider is the amount of  science, particularly chemistry, math and the necessity of calculation that goes into our work. Aromatherapy is by definition both an Art and a Science.  So while the …Read More

Spring and the Matrix

Officially on the calendar, it is Spring.  Here at home however, the snow/ice melange still stubbornly refuses to go away.  But my soul stirs with hope as I observe the chipmunks scurrying out back and the returning birds lingering at the feeder.  I check for buds on the trees, and bring out my garden catalogues and begin dreaming the ongoing dream of my “perfect garden”. This is the time of …Read More

What Do Plants Remember ~ Part Two

In my last post we explored the concept of epigenetics, and the idea of stressors leading to memories passed from one generation to the next not only in animals but plants as well.  We saw that plants have the ability to store and recall biological information, but this information is different from the emotion filled memories that we recall daily. Yet, these plant behaviors can be considered basic, or remedial, forms of …Read More

What Do Plants Remember

We all know that memories are actively handed down in humans through storytelling, rituals and pictures to mention a few, and this occurs from one generation to the next. But there is a different type of transgenerational memory involving epigenetics, and this is completely different. Epigenetics  is the study of the process by which genetic information is translated into the substance and behavior of an organism; specifically, the study of …Read More

Aromatherapeutic Blend for the New Year!

My New Year’s thoughts for you: * Know that we are one, and that beauty, order and perfection are our birthright. * Know that our bodies have the inner wisdom to know how to self heal, and that there are many roads to healing, the journey is in the discovery of which one is the “right fit” for you. * Know that if you listen to that inner voice, you …Read More

Why Study Aromatherapy

I have avoided writing about this subject for quite sometime now…. probably because I have very strong opinions regarding this topic.  There are many ideas out here in “internetlandia” about whether or not one “needs” formal aromatherapy education, and just how to go about acquiring that education.  In this post I am speaking to those of you out there who have an interest in aromatherapy as a hobby, or as …Read More

Essential Oils and Skin Care – My Workshop Experience with Robert Tisserand

I am a “nerd”, or some might say an “info-hound” by nature. So when I heard that Robert Tisserand, an international speaker, educator and consultant who somehow manages to track all the published essential oil research ( and I will add, I think he probably never sleeps )  – then digests and integrates it, and presents it to the rest of the alternative healing community, and the general public at …Read More

The Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit Connection

One of my favorite authors, is the poet, philosopher and artist Kahlil Gibran.  There is something that always speaks to me so deeply in his work, no matter how many times I read, and re-read it.  There is a potency, and a universal-ness,  that everyone understands regardless of the language they are reading his work in. I wish to share a story with you, of how I stumbled across a copy …Read More

Journey Down the River…..cerebrospinal fluid, olfactory bulb and neural stem cells

I have always believed that the shape, design, and structures of the human ventricular system, and brain, are “so specific” for a reason.  Despite what we currently know about the brain, we still know so little.   And time and time again, I am drawn back to the CranioSacral System, the cerebrospinal fluid and the innate intelligence of our bodies to heal. In Candace Pert’s book “Molecules of Emotion” she …Read More

CranioSacral Therapy, Stillness and You…..

So often people ask me what is CranioSacral Therapy exactly and how can it help me?  Or, but I really like a “deep, deep massage” so how can such “gentle” work ….work??? I could get technical and scientific here, and there are a plethora of internet pages where one can garner such information  (especially the Upledger Institue website,  the institution I am certified by), but my intention is to give …Read More

New Workshop, May 5th

Announcing a New Workshop :  “Intro to Aromatherapy and Blending ~ Discover Your Awakening Alchemist” Gina Flores -Essential Body Wisdom is so happy to announce a new workshop, joint venture, with Melissa Rivera of Naturally Good Soaps.  The Workshop Title:  ” Intro to Aromatherapy and Blending ~ Discover Your Awakening Alchemist!” This workshop is for novices, beginners, or those in need of a “refresher” course on discovering just what Aromatherapy …Read More

Aum and Alchemy

The first time I set foot into Studio Anya  I thought wow, what is this place? ANYA ~ Applied Neo Yogic Awareness ~ yes please, I will have some of that! The header of the webpage says “A Yoga and Pilates Sanctuary”…….but for me, this place felt like a sacred sanctuary, as if I had journeyed to some far away, exotic place where I could take “shelter from the storm!” …Read More

On being….soft

It is okay to be “soft.” Soft is NOT weak, soft is strong.  Soft can bend, not break. Soft can open… and be expansive, soft can be infinite……. Be soft…..be  like water, in a stream. Water might wear down rock…. rock can only divert water from its course ….  and can never destroy it. Water does not begrudge those who come to drink from the stream, it never feels “used …Read More

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