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Aromatherapist tools

Aum Aromas, and how they can assist you

These 19 unique, natural, wild-crafted or organic, and GC/MS tested, essential oil blends are based on, the Studio Anya, NYC, AUM Curriculum and Atmatypes ~ also known as Faculties. Atmatype is a hybrid word combining “Atma” ~ Hindu for soul ~ with “archetypes” ~ Jungian psychology for aspects of the subconscious personality, which are universally understood. Each atmatype possesses main themes that enable us to actualize potential for growth within …Read More

Aromatherapists and their tools

Often when people think about aromatherapy, images and notions regarding plants, bottles of magical elixirs, and all manner of “smelly” things come to mind.  What most people, who are not in the field of aromatherapy, usually do not consider is the amount of  science, particularly chemistry, math and the necessity of calculation that goes into our work. Aromatherapy is by definition both an Art and a Science.  So while the …Read More

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