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Aum Aromas

Patchouli – why I will always love it.

I will never forget the first time I experienced the aroma of Patchouli.  I was in junior high school, a girl who I thought was “tres cool” walked past me and I was immediately enveloped in a cloud of aroma.  I was smitten, and actually ran after her to ask what she was wearing.  Luckily, for me, she was willingly to share with someone her junior.  Patchouli….. ah, and a love …Read More

Aum Aromas, and how they can assist you

These 19 unique, natural, wild-crafted or organic, and GC/MS tested, essential oil blends are based on, the Studio Anya, NYC, AUM Curriculum and Atmatypes ~ also known as Faculties. Atmatype is a hybrid word combining “Atma” ~ Hindu for soul ~ with “archetypes” ~ Jungian psychology for aspects of the subconscious personality, which are universally understood. Each atmatype possesses main themes that enable us to actualize potential for growth within …Read More

The Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit Connection

One of my favorite authors, is the poet, philosopher and artist Kahlil Gibran.  There is something that always speaks to me so deeply in his work, no matter how many times I read, and re-read it.  There is a potency, and a universal-ness,  that everyone understands regardless of the language they are reading his work in. I wish to share a story with you, of how I stumbled across a copy …Read More

Aum and Alchemy

The first time I set foot into Studio Anya  I thought wow, what is this place? ANYA ~ Applied Neo Yogic Awareness ~ yes please, I will have some of that! The header of the webpage says “A Yoga and Pilates Sanctuary”…….but for me, this place felt like a sacred sanctuary, as if I had journeyed to some far away, exotic place where I could take “shelter from the storm!” …Read More

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