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Random Musings

My Review – Tazeka Aromatherapy Product Line

Many years ago, when I was an aromatherapy student, I met some of the most amazing women (and a small handful of men) who were expressing their desire to belong, create and support the aromatherapy community – with particular attention to those of us who held the unequivocal belief that certification is a necessity if you wanted to use essential oils safely, and especially if you wanted to teach, or …Read More

Spring and the Matrix

Officially on the calendar, it is Spring.  Here at home however, the snow/ice melange still stubbornly refuses to go away.  But my soul stirs with hope as I observe the chipmunks scurrying out back and the returning birds lingering at the feeder.  I check for buds on the trees, and bring out my garden catalogues and begin dreaming the ongoing dream of my “perfect garden”. This is the time of …Read More

The Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit Connection

One of my favorite authors, is the poet, philosopher and artist Kahlil Gibran.  There is something that always speaks to me so deeply in his work, no matter how many times I read, and re-read it.  There is a potency, and a universal-ness,  that everyone understands regardless of the language they are reading his work in. I wish to share a story with you, of how I stumbled across a copy …Read More

On being….soft

It is okay to be “soft.” Soft is NOT weak, soft is strong.  Soft can bend, not break. Soft can open… and be expansive, soft can be infinite……. Be soft…..be  like water, in a stream. Water might wear down rock…. rock can only divert water from its course ….  and can never destroy it. Water does not begrudge those who come to drink from the stream, it never feels “used …Read More

The Divine Feminine, Unified Hearts, Leonard Cohen and me/you…….

Below I want to share some thoughts by David Peloquin on the poetry/songs of Leonard Cohen, the  Divine Feminine archetype and the Unified Heart: “The divine feminine’s drive to bring  forth the divine child,  as Joseph Campbell would say, is our own sleeping potential to awaken.  That Place is not outside of us; it is in the inner space of the soul. This place cannot be found by traveling, by …Read More

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