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The Philosopher – Aum Aroma 4


Peppermint, dedicated to the Greek god Zeus, indicating it’s potential for clarity of mind and flashes of intuition. Your purposefulness is called to action with this blend of herbs, spices and hint of wood.

Product Description

A proprietary blend of pure essential oils, in a pesticide free jojoba oil base.

How to Apply
Apply these oil blends to temples or wrists for quick absorption into the body. They may also be applied to the front or back of neck, chest, or in the center of the palms of the hands. You can inhale the oils by bringing your hands close to one another. The oils may also be inhaled directly from the bottle. Use them throughout the day, whenever you feel the need, or before your yoga or meditation practice.

Caution: DO NOT USE before sun bathing, or tanning beds, or prolonged exposure to the sun!

Scent Story

“Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.”
-Eckhart Tolle (b. 1948 , The Philosopher)

You prefer top-down learning styles and gravitate towards the big picture themes over the “petty” details. You have a theory about everything. More involved in “defining” things than experiencing them, you are better at writing the mission statement than actually going on the mission.

You are a scholarly pragmatist who champions the “izings”: analyzing, conceptualizing, theorizing, philosophizing, logicizing, awfulizing. Weighing options, insight oriented dialogues, and doing due diligence are natural aspects of your contemplative process. From a yogic perspective, you live in the “mental sheath” where the intellect calls the shots.

Ultimately, you have the potential to be a strong and influential leader who inspires great meaning and purpose. But, you must first come down from your Ivory Tower and walk your talk.

F4’s make great Mathematicians, Accountants, College Professors and CEO’s (and may love Scrabble, Sudoko and Solitaire).


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