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The Practitioner – Aum Aroma 7


Lavender may be described as practical, realistic and reasonable! Just what the “worker bee” in you needs to support your day-to-day challenges. Calm composure, and an easy manner of self -expression are aided by the citrus and floral notes, with a mysterious, steadfast and positive base note.

Product Description

A proprietary blend of pure essential oils, in a pesticide free jojoba oil base.

How to Apply
Apply these oil blends to temples or wrists for quick absorption into the body. They may also be applied to the front or back of neck, chest, or in the center of the palms of the hands. You can inhale the oils by bringing your hands close to one another. The oils may also be inhaled directly from the bottle. Use them throughout the day, whenever you feel the need, or before your yoga or meditation practice.

Caution: DO NOT USE before sun bathing, or tanning beds, or prolonged exposure to the sun!

Scent Story

“We especially need imagination in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry.”
-Maria Montessori (b. 1870, The Practitioner)

You are hard working and productive. Do do do! It’s easy to measure your successes. Some would even say that you’re a bit of a machine – a title you wear with pride.

Master of multi-tasking, you are an avid juggler of tasks and maintain an impressive daily schedule. At times you can play the martyr with a ‘Someone’s got to get this done’ kind of attitude, but inwardly you take great satisfaction in completing the to do list and creating efficient systems. The truth is that you like being busy and feel best when there is a plan of action. In fact, silence and stillness may even make you feel uncomfortable. In this sense, a good ‘ol, roll up your sleeves kind of project gives you a reason to plow ahead.

F7’s make great Personal Assistants, Managers, Flight Attendants, Parents and Fitness Instructors.


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