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The Seeker – Aum Aroma 5


Lemon: concentration, focus and joy are just a few things this oil brings us. Uplifting and clarifying to the mind, it assists in dispersing confusion. Leaves, woods and resins round out this blend, that speaks to the “explorer” in you!

Product Description

A proprietary blend of pure essential oils, in a pesticide free jojoba oil base.

How to Apply
Apply these oil blends to temples or wrists for quick absorption into the body. They may also be applied to the front or back of neck, chest, or in the center of the palms of the hands. You can inhale the oils by bringing your hands close to one another. The oils may also be inhaled directly from the bottle. Use them throughout the day, whenever you feel the need, or before your yoga or meditation practice.

Caution: DO NOT USE before sun bathing, or tanning beds, or prolonged exposure to the sun!

Scent Story

“I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.”
-Kurt Vonnegut (b. 1922, The Seeker)

You are adventurous and cannot sit still! Wooed by shiny objects and the promise of new discoveries, you can often appear as A.D.D. But you are really a tireless explorer who needs to experience life from all vantage points in order to feel fully alive.

You enjoy hearing other’s stories and often ask for advice or surf the internet for the best this or that, but for the most part, you need to find out for yourself. And until you do, there is an unquenchable craving to know…

You may climb a tree, abseil a cave, sky- dive, practice tantric meditation, scuba dive, head down under or scale the side of a mountain to pursue new heights in search of as above or below. Whether traversing the vastness of the earth like Marco Polo, or through the internal labyrinth of the soul like the ancient yogis of India, the seeker is on a quest. No matter where the travels lead, however, the ultimate destination may be to arrive home within.

F5’s make great Athletes, World Travelers, Chefs, Wine Aficionados and Pilots.


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