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Spring and the Matrix

Officially on the calendar, it is Spring.  Here at home however, the snow/ice melange still stubbornly refuses to go away.  But my soul stirs with hope as I observe the chipmunks scurrying out back and the returning birds lingering at the feeder.  I check for buds on the trees, and bring out my garden catalogues and begin dreaming the ongoing dream of my “perfect garden”.

This is the time of year, I myself begin to feel the internal stirrings to awaken from the winter slumber.  I want to rise earlier and “stroll” as opposed to dash, when I walk about town.  I put on a more brightly colored scarf and look forward to burying my winter woolens in the back of the closet.

This is the time of year that I am ever more keenly aware of how my body and mind are so connected.  What is it about the thin, silvery gray sunlight of winter that makes me feel so cold?  Why is it that as the days grow longer I feel alive, expanded and more “human” again?

And then I begin to think of all those who came before me, and those who shall exist after me, and they too have known or will know exactly what I am feeling.  The birds, the trees, the chipmunks, me…and another cycle of life.

We are all interconnected in this matrix of life, and each in his own way thinking, feeling and seeing this season Spring.  Internally, on a molecular level, every cell, organ, system is communicating with one another via peptides and peptide receptors.  Every second massive amounts of information exchanges are occurring.  Imagine if each cell or messenger system had a specific sound for each binding and unbinding, rising and falling, and we could hear these sounds, would that not be the music of the orchestra that joins us all in Spring, and in life.


One Response to "Spring and the Matrix"

  • Valentine Flores
    March 26, 2014 - 4:41 am Reply

    Very good blog Gina.
    With all signs of winter fading and spring bursting out all over, gives for refreshing thought. The casting off, of the extra clothing that winter demands and the anticipation of the fragrances that will soon stimulate and please my senses brings a smile to my heart.

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