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The Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit Connection

One of my favorite authors, is the poet, philosopher and artist Kahlil Gibran.  There is something that always speaks to me so deeply in his work, no matter how many times I read, and re-read it.  There is a potency, and a universal-ness,  that everyone understands regardless of the language they are reading his work in.

I wish to share a story with you, of how I stumbled across a copy of his work , “Sand and Foam”,  in a second-hand shop one day.  Inside this beautiful collection of poems and parables I found a card, a “holiday greeting” card, from a man to a woman.  It was dated “1978”.  The man wrote:  ” There are truths in life  few of us will experience.  We know not what to seek – for our knowledge is limited”  A man has attempted to give to life a part of being that is as important as the breath of life itself.  If from these pages, I have given you the smallest direction, then I am content.”

I was struck by this man’s seeming gentleness, but even more so by his understanding that words, thoughtful words, could help us transcend our limited knowledge; and that such words were “as important as the breath of life itself.”  This transcendence through words, could it be the key to freeing ourselves from the belief that “me” alone,  is the center of the universe, and that the world exists for “me” only?  How do I discover “me” and still make room to understand “we”  are one?  How do I take this then, and apply it to my “internal” world, the world of my systems, organs and cells and its complex communication pathways? How can we all understand “one?”.

In Aromatherapy, the ability to “smell ” is obviously key.  And the complex neurological pathways, that start from the moment we inhale a particular aroma (volatile molecule) to the signal that is sent to the limbic brain, to the final reaction/response to that aroma, is not my intent in today’s post.  Rather, I am more interested today in the notion of vibration – molecular vibration and resonance.  All molecules have motion, vibration.  We are made up of many, many molecules, and it is believed that even thoughts are vibrations too.  Often, I think about each breath I take and realize, this air, this very same air was inhaled and exhaled by someone like me, right here in my city and on the other side of the globe.  What I do here, resonants there, and vice versa.  We are joined, in a union of “breath and air”,  and we are one via this union.  I also often think about the plants, that make the extraordinary and healing essential oils, healing waters, and plant-based medicine.  I wonder about who the people are that harvested the plants, where do they live, what are their lives like,  what are they thinking about while working in the fields, how do they feel about the plants?  All our thoughts are vibrating simultaneously,  somewhere out there, in the “matrix” of thoughts.  And so again, we are joined in a union, and can be considered “one”.  Using essential oils, plants, herbs….. all these are vibrating too, and there is a language that is spoken without our  slightest conscious recognition.  The essential oils do not need to be told where to go or what to do, nor does the healing wisdom of the plants.  There is just a deep, profound knowing.  This knowledge was passed on first via oral tradition, and then written word…..all vibrating and all-knowing.  And the energy of the plants, the oils and even water, vibrates on the earth, in the air and in us, at once individual and united in the one.  One breath in one person, one drop of water in one ocean, one plant molecule in one body….. but we each all belong and know the wisdom, without “knowing” one another.

It has been proven, even by traditional medical paradigms that basically our thoughts affect our health, and there are millions of articles and studies on body/mind healing, meditation, etc.   But have you ever considered talking to one of your cells, or a group of them, or how about talking to your liver, or your aching back?  Have you ever had a traumatic experience, like a car accident or falling down the stairs?  Now consider for a moment, where did those thoughts at the moment of that experience go?  In CranioSacral Therapy we know this trauma is stored in the tissues and it’s energy is “entropic”  (the definition of entropic is having a tendency to change from a state of order to a state of disorder. (adjective)).   We are taught that the “inner wisdom” or “inner physician” is a part of the “non-conscious” that has the knowledge and wisdom to help us release our pain/trauma…..which is again energy/vibration. And we ask the “inner wisdom” to assist in this process, and the body “knows” what to do.  Of course, from a more “technical” viewpoint the fascia begins to unwind, and dural tube facilitations release, the energy cyst is released, and cranial bones/sutures may have adjusted……but the dialogue between the mind and body and spirit too, that initiates this change, from chaos to order, occurs as vibration I believe.  The cerebrospinal fluid is considered the “breath of life”,  and in that moment, patient and therapist, mind and body, cells and systems, internal and external worlds are unified, and “one”.

Let me close with the parable at the top of the page in Gibran’s book where the holiday card I discovered was placed:

” Should you really open your eyes and see, you would behold your image in all images.  And should you open your ears and listen, you would hear your own voice in all voices.”  Kahlil Gibran, “Sand and Foam”, pg. 17

May we all come to understand Gibran’s wisdom, through peace and one-ness!

photo courtesy of Jordana Daumec,  many thanks.


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