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CranioSacral Therapy

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Clinical Aromatherapy

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HOLISTIC approaches HONORING YOU, the “whole person” and your long term wellness goals, with commitment to facilitating each client’s achievement of TOTAL  wellbeing ~ BODY, MIND and SPIRIT ~  is what ESSENTIAL BODY WISDOM is all about!


This therapeutic private practice is dedicated to helping clients achieve relief from pain and promote healing by utilizing the advanced manual modalities of CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy and Clinical Essential Oil Therapy.  Coupled with years of experience and education in order to provide you with the most CREATIVE and ADVANCED methods, and deep commitment to excellence in treatment, service and client education.


Discover health and wellness with Gina Flores and Essential Body Wisdom Today!

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  • I first met Gina in 2010 when my physical therapist recommended I see her in addition to my therapy for a back injury. Gina was instrumental in assessing the musculoskeletal issues that were contributing to the chronic pain and discomfort I was feeling. Since that injury has healed, I have gone back to Gina countless times for other issues – always leaving her office feeling infinitely better. Her skill and knowledge is so much more advanced than what one would expect from a massage therapist. She is also a caring and concerned practitioner. I have sent friends and family to her table, and would recommend her without reservation.

    Emily R. Kessler

  • I have been referring my most challenging neuromuscular patients to Gina for several years and do so with the knowledge that they are receiving great care. Gina is very experienced, caring and gifted. She gets results for my patients every time!

    David Pico DC

  • Gina Flores’ innate understanding of the musculature of the human body coupled with her amazing technique and strength enables me to place physical demands on my body on a daily basis without pain or injury. Her awareness of where tension exists and her ability to release it, is a gift. Her nurturing spirit and knowledge leaves you feeling restored.

    Christina - professional dancer formerly with, American Ballet Theater

  • As an actress and dancer for a lifetime, I’ve put my body under the care of countless massage therapists and body workers across the country. All I can say is, New York is lucky to have her! Gina’s healing touch, her loving sensitivity, and her inspired talent for “reading” a body’s pains never fails to amaze me and brings me back to her again and again. I don’t know how she does it, but always she knows what needs to be addressed and how–even when it seems counterintuitive to me. Her extensive knowledge, which I know comes from years of varied practices and an eclectic education, has been translated into a unique method of healing. I only wish she’d move to the west coast so I could see her more regularly!


  • The dancers of New Chamber Ballet and I have been helped and healed by Gina’s knowledgeable hands on so many occasions! We don’t like to get injured, but when we do, Gina is our first (and often only) stop. Her expert care always gets us back into balance – literally and figuratively!

    Miro Magloire, Artistic Director, New Chamber Ballet

  • "My relationship with Gina began when I was expecting my first child and in my third trimester of pregnancy. I wanted to experience a natural, non-medicated, uncomplicated birth and I wanted my baby to feel peaceful while preparing for her journey. Meeting Gina and discovering CST was a blessing. I was able to achieve a smooth, natural birth and felt as though her calm, peaceful spirit accompanied me. Her expertise in aromatherapy were also immensely helpful as she guided me to which essential oils would be best to use during each phase of labor. Now not only do I continue to receive craniosacral therapy but my baby girl at just 3 months old now also experiences Gina's peaceful, loving, healing hands. I'm so thankful for my relationship with Gina as a therapist, a healer, and now a friend!"


  • Gina Flores has been taking care of the dancers of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo for several years now. The dancers see her privately in her office in New York City; she also journeys to the Joyce Theater while we are in season there, to treat the dancers for the "wear and tear" on their bodies during the run of performances. She has an amazing amount of skill and knowledge. Gina is able to help the dancers recover from problem areas, as well as calm their nerves, knowing they are being well taken care of. For me as well, knowing that the dancers are being taken care of by Gina, gives me a kind of "piece of mind", knowing that they are in good hands. Gina is absolutely first class and I would recommend her to everyone: both dancers and non dancers alike.

    Tory Dobrin, Artistic Director, Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

  • Gina is amazing at sensing where you are out of balance and restoring balance to the body. I have experienced welcome relief after my sessions with Gina.

    Elaine Santiago, PharmD

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